Rapid testing for DSS Licensed Facilities and Community Organizations reaching people who are uninsured or with limited access to health care. Use the table below to read about the different testing options and use the Application Link to apply.

Note: The CLIA-Waived Antigen Testing program is not currently accepting new applications.



Rapid Self-Testing
(Can be used in a workplace)

Rapid Organization-Administered

Type of test

At-Home (OTC) Antigen Tests (results in 15 minutes)

CLIA-waived Antigen (results in 15 minutes)

Application Link

Over the Counter (OTC) Antigen Test Program
(At-Home Testing)

CLIA-Waived Antigen Testing Program (Organization-Administered)


Rapidly identifies higher levels of virus
(when most spreading happens)

Rapidly identifies higher levels of virus
(when more spreading happens)


Ages 2 and up on average 
(depends on brand; please check IFU)

Ages 4 and up


Yes, if Cal-OSHA instructions are followed


Number of tests per Week


20 or more


Free, no insurance billing

Free, no insurance billing

Who swabs nose?

Self-swabbing or parent/guardian


Who runs test?

Each person (or their parent/guardian)

Your trained people run and report the test
(about 5 person hours for 50 tests)


No extra staff

No training

2 or more people from your organization

Free CDPH online training (~2 hours)

See all requirements HERE


No mandatory reporting but may report for Cal-OSHA requirements. Possible telehealth treatment link.

Mandatory. Your trained people enter results. Possible telehealth treatment link.