This form is intended for use by by K-12 California schools to order no-cost, over-the-counter (OTC)/at-home COVID-19 test kits for K-12 students, staff and teachers. If you are ordering for the first time for the 2022/23 school year, your order will be an initial order request. Even if you have received OTC tests in the past, this will still be considered an initial order.

LEAs in Los Angeles county should reach out to the LA Department of Public Health for more information on how to receive tests at
LEAs located in the cities of Pasadena and Long Beach are eligible to request OTC tests through CDPH using this form.
  • Tests are intended for distribution to K-12 students, teachers and staff
  • Tests are distributed in “test kits” Each test kit may contain either 1 or 2 tests
  • Upon ordering, you will receive a link to our translated materials (such as videos and instructions for use)

Please do not submit multiple orders. Your first order request will be sent to you as quickly as possible. Please consolidate your order requests. This includes shipping tests to a central location, such as a district office, rather than individual school sites. If you need to make changes to your order, please contact within 24 hours to make order changes.

Test Storage
Tests must be stored in a temperature stable environment (must be stored between 35.6-86°F) 

The brand of OTC tests being sent to your school/district can vary depending on the availability of OTC tests. Depending on brand availability you potentially could receive Orasure, iHealth or Flowflex OTC tests. Please keep in mind that Orasure tests will ship in cases of 48 tests and pallets of 1440 tests. Please make sure that your test order takes into consideration your ability to store the tests in a temperature stable environment until distribution.

OTC Test Usage
“Over the Counter (OTC)/At-Home tests” can be used at home by individuals or parents/guardians. If they are used outside the home, they must still be completed by individuals or parents/guardians. This can be observed by school staff. However, if they are performed by school staff, or the results are interpreted by school staff, they are subject to federal laboratory regulations (“CLIA”) and require special training. If you plan to use OTC tests in this type of scenario, your organization needs to apply for use for CDPH’s School CLIA waiver. The application can be found here: 

OTC Test Availability

You may order up to a 4-week supply of OTC/At-home test kits for your students and school staff. If supplies are limited, your total quantity may not be fulfilled as requested. If we need to adjust the quantity, you will be contacted.

Once your order is approved by CDPH, your order will be processed as quickly as possible. Please note that due to anticipated increase in demand around the beginning of the school year, there may be shipping delays. 

For other resources on how to obtain additional OTC/At-home tests, please visit: 


Organization Point of Contact

Delivery Point of Contact

This point of contact person should:
- Be available at their contact number (direct cell phone) to coordinate delivery of testing materials; and
- Be available to receive shipments during working hours.

Delivery Information

Please provide the address to which the order should be shipped.


~ These are large orders and cannot be delivered to P.O. Boxes
~ Delivery address must be in California
~ The Delivery Point of Contact must be available at this address to receive the shipment

Please review and verify the delivery address you entered is correct.
Any incorrect delivery information will result in delays to your delivery and delay testing at your site(s). 

Please consolidate your order requests as much as possible. This includes shipping tests to a central location, such as a district office.
If you must have kits shipped to more than one location, please submit a separate order form.

Order Quantity Instructions

Please order a 4-week supply of OTC test kits for your school/school district. Please order the total number of tests needed for each individual to receive two tests each (note that some tests come in single boxes and others come in 1-2 tests to a box). 

Ex: order 180 tests for a school with 90 students.