For Pasadena, Long Beach, and all other California schools outside of Los Angeles County.*

*Los Angeles County schools/organizations (public, private, and charter) excluding the cities of Pasadena and Long Beach have their own program. Please do not use this form; email for support.

  • Tests are intended for distribution to K-12 students, teachers and staff and affiliated on-campus programs (may include younger children in these programs)
  • Tests are distributed in boxes. Each box may contain either 1 or 2 tests
  • Only schools may place an order, but they may order additional tests to support on-campus child cares, afterschool programs and school-related camps

Please consolidate orders. When possible, ship to a central location, such as a district office, rather than individual schools. Contact within 24 hours if changes are needed. Allow 14 days for shipping.


Test Storage

  • Tests must be stored indoors and temperature-controlled (Range 35.6-86°F)
  • Test brand may vary. Plan storage space for a 4x4x6 foot pallet for each 1,440 tests.


At-Home (OTC) Tests are Self-tests
Test must be performed (both the test process and the result) by the individual (or their parent/guardian). They cannot be performed on others by school staff—if you need to test others, you must use different tests after training. Apply here.


Order At-Home Tests here:

Organization Point of Contact

Delivery Point of Contact

This point of contact person should:
- Be available at their contact number (direct cell phone) to coordinate delivery of testing materials; and
- Be available to receive shipments during working hours.

Delivery Information

Please provide the address to which the order should be shipped.


~ These are large orders and cannot be delivered to P.O. Boxes
~ Delivery address must be in California
~ The Delivery Point of Contact must be available at this address to receive the shipment

Please review and verify the delivery address you entered is correct.
Any incorrect delivery information will result in delays to your delivery and delay testing at your site(s). 

Please consolidate your order requests as much as possible. This includes shipping tests to a central location, such as a district office.
If you must have kits shipped to more than one location, please submit a separate order form.

Order Quantity Instructions

Please order a 12-week supply of OTC test kits for your school/school district. Please order the total number of tests needed for each individual to receive two tests each (note that some tests come in single boxes and others come in 1-2 tests to a box). 

Ex: order 180 tests for a school with 90 students.